The Symbol Of Race In Jefferson's A Lesson Before Dying

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One of the worst things a human being can do is judging a book by its cover. The book is symbolic of everything in civilization, whether it be a situation, a living being, or a location. Throughout history, African Americans were viewed by white people as inferior due to the color of their skin. There was no real reason behind this hatred, and if there was one, it was lost in history. In the United States of America, this prejudice is still alive and well. A Lesson Before Dying discusses Jefferson, a black man falsely accused of murder, fighting to be judged as a man. There was no sense of even appealing the ruling because the court system was so biased. The jury was all-white, and if there was a new trial, the jury would also be all-white. There was no justice in the “justice” system. Jefferson goes through this process with the help of Grant, his teacher, Grant needs to do some soul searching as well. Skin color can affect the way someone perceives and treats you. Many historians have spent time and effort debating and researching why black people are persecuted by whites. There is no logical answer. Many racist bigots have rationalized this belief because “black people do not know any better” or that all black people are criminals. To the contrary of racists everywhere, a very select percentage of black people are actually, bad people. The most famous group of discriminating African Americans is the KKK or Ku Klux Klan. The KKK is most prominent in the southern

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