Different Stages Of Development Before Birth And If One Process Goes Wrong

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Development is occurring every day in thousands of pregnant women. From the time of conception to the actual birth, development takes place. There are many different stages of development before birth and if one process goes wrong there is a possibility of a defect in the offspring. This includes all of the different stages of the embryonic and fetal development. It is very important that each step goes smoothly in the development process in order to have an offspring as healthy as possible. Fertilization, the union of a sperm and an oocyte to create a zygote, is the first step in the early stages of development (Mader and Windelspecht, 437). During sex, many sperm are released from the male and into the female. Many sperm end up dying off or going on another track, while one sperm is the “winner” and penetrates to fertilize the egg first. After fertilization the stages of embryonic and fetal development begin. “Embryonic development encompasses the first two months of development following fertilization” (Mader and Windelspecht, 446). In week one, the very early stages of pregnancy, everything changes very fast. These very first steps are some of the most important, because if one thing goes wrong it can harm the embryo and cause a defect or even death of the embryo. Cleavage begins as the embryo is passing down to the uterus, on the third day it is turned into a morula and by the fifth day is turned into a blastocyst (Mader and Windelspecht, 446). All of this changing…

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