Essay on Different Kinds Of Curriculums For American Schooling

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The sorts of curriculums had steered off course from its first objective of educating and later became unchecked to correct itself. Different kinds of curriculums for American schooling very to four categories from Working class with low salaries then up to Exclusive Elite of CEO’s, restructure itself into an education course where any student under its umbrella can find their true potential. However, before making changes to the educational system to one universal unit, understanding the current school structure will dissect the dilemma by starting with the most nonfunctional section with the Working class educational system. The Working class of America had supported the structure of capitalism for decades, ever since the industrial revolution with under the poverty line wages. The quality of education provided by the government to the Working class children had been infuriating for many years from the teacher’s way of teaching and their behavior toward the students. The teaching curriculum for a teacher is very mechanical or some may say “robotic” giving the child hardly any freedom of choice or freedom to express his or her opinion. In the works of Jean Anyon from the article “From Social Class and The Hidden Curriculum of Work” describes a scene of a classroom with students trying to preform division without an explaining from the teacher for why division is needed out in the real world. The lesson ended with the children forgetting what they learned from…

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