Different Effects Of Operant Conditioning

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The subject I experimented on was my mother’s new schnauzer puppy, her name is Josie. Negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement, negative punishment, and positive punishment are the different types of operant conditioning. Out of the four different types of operant conditioning techniques the one I chose that would work the best is positive reinforcement. The reason why I chose the technique of positive reinforcement is because Josie is a very timid puppy towards people other than my mom. So my experiment was to intrigue her with a dog treat to approach me and become comfortable with my presence. This will benefit for the bond between me and Josie in the future when I visit my mother’s house. Hopefully by the end of experimenting (training) she won’t be so timid to approach me when I walk through the door and will be excited to see me. Positive reinforcement is stated as “it involves the addition of a reinforcing stimulus following a behavior that makes it more likely that the behavior will occur again in the future” (What You …show more content…
At first, she did not want to approach no more than 4 feet away from me. As I called out Josie’s name she would just stop and stare at me until my dog, Sammy would come up to me because she thought I was calling for her. When Sammy excitedly sat next to me Josie slowly approached, but still in a cautious and timid way. As Josie got closer she seen that I had a treat in my hand so immediately her reaction was to eat the treat. Like I discussed in the introduction Josie is used to my mom giving her treats, but not me. Progress was steadily made for about 15 minutes. After a couple times, she started following me around the house and eating the treats as I lowered my hand. The rest of the night I called her name without a treat to give her and she did well with just

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