Different Definitions Of Adult Education Essay

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Like adult education is defined in many different ways, its purposes are discussed in different contexts. A key underlying assumption of this paper is that adult education can be utilized for different purposes in different societies as implied by different definitions of adult education. Knowles (1980) illustrates three different meanings of adult education: “In its broadest sense, it (adult education) describes a process – the process of adults learning. In its more technical meaning, it describes a set of organized activities carried on by a wide variety of institutions for the accomplishment of specific educational objectives. A third meaning combines all of these processes and activities into the idea of a movement or field of social practice (p. 25).” Knolwes (1980) holds that adult education brings together into a separate social system all the stakeholders (e.g., individuals, institutions, and associations) who are interested in the education of adults and understands them as working toward shared goals of developing the methods and materials of adult learning and of expanding learning opportunities for adults.
More specifically, Beder (1990) provides the multi-faceted purposes of adult education: to (1) facilitate changes in knowledge and technology in a dynamic society, (2) support and maintain the good social order by helping gain skills and knowledge necessary to function in a democracy, (3) promote productivity by accumulating technical and scientific…

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