Different Categories Of Paradigms Within The Nursing Profession

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There are many different categories of paradigms in the nursing profession. However, there is one paradigm that I identify with the most and it belongs to Newman’s paradigm categories: the unitary- transformative paradigm. In this paper, I will be describing the nursing paradigm of unitary- transformative. Additionally, in my own words I will describe the metaparadigm concepts of person, environment, health/healing and nursing. Furthermore, to better understand the unitary- transformative paradigm, I will be providing an example from my most recent clinical rotation at a local hospital. The paradigm that is most appealing to me is the unitary- transformative, which states that humans are “patterned, self-organizing fields within larger [the] patterned, self-organizing fields.” Furthermore, in this paradigm “change is characterized by fluctuating rhythms of organization-disorganization and health is a reflection of continuous change.” For me personally, this paradigm calls my attention because it agrees with my everyday philosophy of life. I live by the belief that everything living and nonliving has as its basic component energy. Martha E. Rogers’s in Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice states that everything in the world is an energy field (239). Moreover, she states that there are two energy fields in the world: the environmental field and the human field. The human field is the field related to persons. The environmental field has to do with the location and…

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