Differences Of Separation Of Church And State

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Separation of Church and State

Separation of church and state is a saying most people associate with the law. The United states has a religious society, yet a secular government, and many laws and moral values are based off of the Ten Commandments written in the Bible, so is there really a separation? Many think that there is none, and that religion is a practice that was written into the constitution by the founding fathers. However, the United States in fact remains secular, and holds a godless constitution, therefore they have a separation of the church and state, but do they have separation of God and state? The question remains considering factors that play into American tradition and society even though the constitution is to remain without relation to religion and God (White). In the context of the phrase “separation of church
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America continues to keep the promise of holding a godless constitution, but other documents sway the beliefs of the United States actually having no correlation to God. Other countries have no line between church and state, but America keeps the line visible, while also keeping the morals and values of the bible intact with the laws. America keeps separate church and state in order to keep religion from influencing political decisions, but also has the characteristics and morals of God lingering over the nation. Seeing as the first amendment grants freedom of religion as a born right to all American citizens, the approach used by writers and the founding fathers has succeeded in essentially preserving peace among the people of the United States, while keeping the nation morally

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