The Great Awakening Essay

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Great Awakenings and the Separation of Church and State
The concept of separating church and state did not arise from the Great Awakening. However, the Great Awakening influenced political and religious leaders that the two entities should be separated because they threaten the civil and religious liberties that the colonist had grown to expect over 150 years of neglect. The Great Awakening was a spiritual movement that swept through America that stressed individual personal relationship with God. (Henertta, 2013) The Great Awakening contributed to the separation of church and state by breaking down religious uniformity, undermined legally established churches and tax-supported ministers, and challenged the authority of ministers in civil matters
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Separation of church and state is essential to avoid preferential treatment to any one religion. Even today, we are faced with challenges of religious sects trying to impede on the moral and civil liberties of men. In Lund v.Rowan County, the commissioners have made derogatory remarks towards non-Christian believers creating a atmosphere that harasses religious minorities. We can look across the world see the damage tyrannical followers of religion can do. Religious uniformity takes away our religious freedoms and impedes on our civil liberties. We would be forced to believe in one God and be judged for not following the teachings of God. We would be forced to follow one faith, in a country that is made up of so many different cultures and religions. Established churches and tax-supported ministers would force us to pay another tax for a service that goes against our belief system making them a super power. By not challenging the authority of ministers, they would be given authority to enforce the teachings of God and strip us from our natural rights. They would be allowed to intrude in our lives and influence civil

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