Differences Of Professional Golfs

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While viewing professional golf events on TV and on the internet, I have noticed many things that set them apart from your average Joe. From the way they swing to the way they’re standing still, everything seemed different from how I played golf. The main thing I noticed about the pros is how they carry themselves on the field. The demeanor of professional golfers is very different compared to other sports. They are very professional and humble after a great shot, or after winning it all. They don’t celebrate by pointing at the opponent’s face and screaming “I’m the best”, like you would see in other sports. From what I noticed, they seemed completely poised and mindful before they tee off. And when it comes to their pre-shot routines, each …show more content…
Some of the players seems to be the least of an “athlete”, but how they hit that ball is better than the most athletic of guys. One player that comes to mind is the infamous John Daly. He is known to be this fat, excessive drinking, chain-smoking guy who can play golf with the best of them. What ever he does outside of golf is his business, but when it’s time for him to swing, he does everything right.
Another thing I noticed was how they respect each other while competing against each other. When one golfer is teeing off or about to shoot, the opponent is always quiet and still in the corner. They don’t interfere in anyway of sort. In one occasion, I saw one golfer help search for his opponent’s lost ball. If it was me, I would want my opponent to lose his ball so I can win in the easiest fashion. They seem to want the best out of their opponent, so that they can better themselves and ultimately bring the best out of
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It’s a lesson of life.” This quote truly resonates with me because I’m truly infatuated with this sport at a late age, and feel that I’m still learning many life lessons from this game. One important lesson I’ve learned from this class and golf, in general, is that I am only competing against myself. I have to go on my own pace and always grow from my errors. By realizing that it’s only me and my swing that comes between a good shot or bad shot is very empowering. This idea helps me take all the responsibility of my game and help me grow as a player and

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