Case Study Of Hamilton Elementary School

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I completed my cross-district visit at Park Intermediate School, in Southwestern with Mrs. DiPietro. As soon as I pulled into the school parking lot, I knew it was going to be completely different from my FEEP school. The building from the outside was much larger and looked a lot nicer. Once I walked inside, everything was clean and it looked like a brand new school compared to Hamilton Elementary School. When I walked into Mrs. DiPietro’s sixth-grade literature classroom, I noticed how everything was much more organized and she had about 20 students in her room. While I was there, Mrs. DiPietro was having a study period, where all the students got to catch up on their work. The students who were already caught up on their schoolwork had the …show more content…
The issues are completely different at both placements. Mostly all of the students at Hamilton Elementary School come from disadvantaged homes, where the students at Park Intermediate are much more fortunate. Hamilton cannot provide the necessary staff to address the mental health, behavioral and academic concerns. Park Intermediate is able to provide all the necessary staff to address any concern they may have. The assets differed in that Mrs. DiPietro has more assets available to her than Mrs. Cao. For instance, Mrs. DiPietro allows her students to use the necessary tools to help them succeed, such as laptops, iPads, cell phones, etc. Mrs. Cao also allows her students to use the necessary tools to succeed. However, most of the students at Hamilton do not have cell phones and since it is an inner city school they are provided with very few computers. The resources were also very different between the two placements. The students and staff members at Hamilton do not have access to parent volunteers, community mental health services provided at school, or extra staff in the classrooms. As for Park Intermediate, the students and staff member have full access to parent volunteers. The parents at Park Intermediate want to be involved in their children’s academics and the school has extra staff in the classrooms. Although I believe the parents at Hamilton also want to be involved with their children’s academics, it is just harder for them to be because they are either working double shifts to take care of their children or don’t have transportation to the school. The principals in both school districts are strong leaders and help their teachers and staff members in any way they can. Mrs. Cao and Mrs. DiPietro are both wonderful teachers in their own special way and do whatever they can to help their students due

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