Differences Between Women And Women Essay

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1. In Fresh off the boat, Women and girls were slim figured and wearing stylish clothes. There was not much skin showing either, fully clothed and fashionable. The women and girls shown in the show were all slim, petite or slender. Ideal body type looked to be slim and petite or slim and tall, but overall slim in general. In modern family, the women were slim as well, there were more variations of ethnicity as well, the Hispanic woman had big breast and a big butt but a slim stomach and she was tall as well. Seemed more of a model body then the stay at home mom body that she plays on TV. Workaholics showed more of real women, woman with curves and various sizes, the boss woman is petite and thin whereas the other women with various roles were anywhere from thin to morbidly obese. They really showed true variation in the female body.
2. The men and boys in the show were all different shapes and sizes. The main character was a bit chubby and the white male figures were chubby as well. Besides the chubby main character, the rest of the Asian people in the show were tiny and thin. Ideal body type varied from chubby to thin in this episode. In Modern Family, the husband of the pretty Hispanic women is a chubby, white and old man. He has a dad bod, with a beer belly and all. Workaholics has three men in it that are fresh out of college, they are mostly physically, shows that some slender men can be quite sassy. Shows that the heavy guys just li
3. For all shows, for…

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