Differences Between Women And Men

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The difference between women and men has been disputed for many years. Some people consider that this kind of equality is impossible because of their physical properties while others say the exact opposite. But no matter what they say woman and men are different from each other in many ways. In communication Men keep their problems to themselves and don’t see the point in sharing personal issues. They like to keep their problems to their self because, is up to them. Men tend to relate to other men when they need advice from them. Men also build relationships while they are working on tasks with each other. They build friendship while they work or go to the same school. Men can have a disagreement and move on to another think like talking …show more content…
They also were born to have a stronger physical structure. A male 's physical structure could boost ones self-esteem to give them the idea they are much better and greater than the rest. They are physically capable to work or, produce labor which involves the use of strength. Men, in general, have the idea that they need to be superior to the rest. Men’s like to show off their body as they try to impress women’s. Men’s are very less emotion then women’s, this is why crying to men is seen as a weakness. They see themselves having to be a strong body structure and tough on the inside by not showing their emotions. Men also care less about the family and their surroundings. Many men will often express emotions such as anger or frustrations significantly more than other emotions such as depression. Although they may feel comfortable keeping how he feels to himself. Men’s also don’t show their emotions front of crowd …show more content…
Women’s always use non-verbal communication like making eye contact. Also, a woman often prefers talking while sitting or standing in front of the person. What I also found interesting was women’s like to talk on the phone to one another. A women will talk faster and interrupt more when she is excited or wants to be herd. However women will get together and talk about their problems whether it’s a personal problem. Women’s have different appearance then men for example, they tend to be smaller in size and more delicate when it comes down to physical appearance. They also appear to be more calm and understandable. Female body is generally have a lot of body fat percentage. Women’s have less self-steam, that why they care more about how they look. Women tend to react more emotionally on almost everything. Women have a deeper interest in people and feelings like building relationships. Women like to keep the relationship going and lasting longer. They lose their self-confidence after someone says negative thing about them. They make decisions based on how they feel now and later. Women’s like to talk about their feelings. Many women seem to be more comfortable figuring out that talking through their problem is the

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