Differences Between The New England And Chesapeake Colonies Essay

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Fundamental Differences between the New England and Chesapeake Colonies

During the 17th century, the English were leaving their country by the hundreds, all with different motivations to go to the New World. If you were headed toward New England, chances are you were a Puritan trying to escape religious persecution, and you valued family and unity. If you were headed toward the Chesapeake colonies, you were likely an indentured servant headed to work on a large plantation, or you were a farmer with dreams of wealth and prosperity. These separate dreams and mindsets shaped the two large colonies, and it lead to large differences in their individual politics, economy, religion, and their social mind frames.
The political differences between the Chesapeake and New England colonies were not as drastic as some other deviations. Although, they did have some unique distinctions, due to their differences in religion and economic standpoints. In the Southern colonies, the warm and mild climate allowed bacteria and virus ' to multiply and breed. This in turn led to much of the men dying of disease, as they were generally the ones to leave the house. Their wives ended up being allowed to co-own their husbands land, and inherit the property should their husbands become deceased. This, however, was not the case in the New England colonies; the "Puritan lawmakers" feared that by acknowledging the separate interests between a husband and wife, they would ruin the idea of unity in a…

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