Southern Colonies Vs New England Colonies Essay

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The New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Southern colonies all have similarities and differences between their reasons for settlement and daily lives and culture. Each of their governments contributed to the American democracy that we have today.
The New England colonies were colonies around Rhode Island and the Massachusetts Bay Colony. They mainly consisted of people from England who were looking for religious freedom. These people were persecuted for their beliefs, so they wanted religious freedom, or at least religious tolerance. The first group of people that tried to live in New England struggled to survive. Native Americans had to help the settlers by teaching them how to grow crops such as corn. Later, in the 1630’s, a larger, more developed group of Puritans landed in the Massachusetts Bay. These settlers had a better understanding of how to survive and prospered quickly. They used every part of nature they could and used all of their resources in the way that would benefit them the most in order to survive. These Puritans
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Documents and ideas that these early settlers established played a major role in the making of documents such as the Declaration of Independence that allowed us to have and stated our freedoms. One of these examples is the Mayflower Compact. It gave the idea that the people form the government and they should govern themselves. This was a major bedrock of American democracy. The charter that the group of Puritans brought with them to the New World in the 1630’s also gave the idea of self-government with town meetings and assemblies and helped establish our democracy. As the families grew and spread out throughout the colonies, they spread their ideas of self-government. In the end, these documents, ideas, and ways of leading led to the formation of the United States of America with the democratic government that we have

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