Differences Between The Law And Religion Essay

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The United States of America is known as the melting pot of world, which has many different groups of people currently living in this country. There are many different kinds of religions. Each religion is unique in its own way because each one has different beliefs and traditions that people perform. In the U.S constitution the word religion has not been defined, which I believe it allows multiple different beliefs in the nation. The word religion cannot be defined because there are so many beliefs and faith that there is no way to classify the truing meaning of the word religion. “God in we trust”
When looking over the Reynold vs. U. S case it was really interesting to see the relationship between the law and religion. The U.S government allows the protection of religious beliefs, which means that people can believe in anyone they chose. The government cannot not deny or interfere with a person religious beliefs. Until an individual performs a certain religious practice that can be against the law. The U.S government has the right to interfere because that certain action can disturb the peace or harm people living in the U.S. When looking at the case Reynold had the right to believe in his faith, but once he committed bigamy it was not allowed. The U.S government couldn’t afford to favor a religion because their actions are against the law. It would be unfair to those who are following the law. The U.S government wants to apply the laws to everyone because they want to make…

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