Differences Between Men And Women Essay

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INTRO-two-culture theory is the belief that both male and females communicate through a different set of rules, norms, and language patterns. The two cultural theory is derived from the belief that through different experience and lifestyles, interpersonal communication is much different in terms of gender. There is a considerate amount of studies supporting this belief, but there’re also plenty of Studies I completely disagree with that. Through conversation analysis research was conducted to discover similarities, differences and why or how each results showed what they did.
Biological differences and gender orientation are a huge deal when talking about barriers that affect our communication. The information presented in this paper gives insight to how each gender organizes and displays action through nonverbal communication.
Some people believe that gender differences in communication are massive in size, That we couldn’t be any more different. The two culture theory has actually inspired a complex model that shows gender role having huge interpretations on how a person perceives a message. Tannens gender theory explains that men and women speak differently through language in manurisms and reasoning. Metts, Cupach, and Imahori (1992) found that in sexual settings, men take sexual rejection to be less constraining and more comfortable than women do. The Tandan model also states that women are way more empathetic than men are and…

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