Essay on Differences Between Males And Females

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Gender surrounds us daily through our beliefs, actions, and behavior. Gender differences and equality have become a major topic in the area of education. This paper will examine the differences between males and females and what future educators can do to in promoting equal opportunity under the multicultural education concept.
Research has shown the biological differences between males and females are based on the X and Y-chromosomes that verify the sex of the child and signify a minute quantity of the total gene pool (Gollnick and Chinn 2013). According to Gollnick and Chinn (2013:111) "Males and females share roughly 99.8% of their genes." Males and females are quite similar in their psychological traits as well as educational abilities (Gollnick and Chinn 2013). Researchers have found that our environment has a major impact on our genes, which circulates around what we have encountered from our parents and teachers (Gollnick and Chinn 2013).
Children of all ages spend more hours in front of TV 's and computers than they do inside the classroom or on homework (Gollnick and Chinn 2013). It is an inevitable fact that social media has been a force to be reckon with when it comes to children and how they perceive their gender roles. TV shows and magazines often perceive women 's and male 's roles as being "pretty and sweet" and "active and aggressive," which promotes toys, games, books, and activities to be formatted to this concept (Gollnick and Chinn 2013). This creates a…

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