Essay Differences Between Leadership And Management

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Differentiating Between Leadership and Management
In the business world, organizations require management to effectively communicate information. However, the communication of information is only beneficial when that information is communicated through an individual that is viewed as a leader or has leadership characteristics. A manager should be a leader but not all leaders are managers. The differences between leadership and management are apparent and must be taken into consideration. Leadership and management consists of different roles and functions but also have some similarities. Leadership can also be trait leadership or process leadership. Through the understanding of leadership and the implementation of leadership and management in an organization, businesses can better prepare for effective communication and productivity within the business.
Define Leadership and Management The definition of leadership is one that does not result in one clear answer as leadership is a continuously improving and alternating role. Overall, leadership is a complex concept that involves the ability to encourage others through leading them and showing a role model that transforms followers. Leadership involves specific traits and processes that allows the individual to lead others. On the other hand, managers may not always possess leadership skills. Managers are hired by an organization to follow the direction of upper-management and direct employees to perform in a specific manner.…

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