Differences Between International Networks And Kompas.com As An Indonesian Online Media

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Research findings: Curation journalism at Kompas.com
Differences between international networks and Kompas.com as an Indonesian online media
According to my observation towards some news publications on online media, there is a new trend in storytelling structure. The structure is arguably a major challenge to traditional news storytelling styles, since the media now include audiences as a part of news producer by embedding their social media comments within the story.
Today, public’s activities on social media have created a very open and democratic situation, when anyone is possible to make report about any event. The penetration towards important event amongst daily life has made social media able to publish crucial information faster than journalists who work for mainstream media. As the results, that information was taken or quoted by journalists as a part of their story. In other words, social media users unofficially have become media’s stringers, contributors or even field reporters.
Examples of how the public is involved in news production can be witnessed on most online version of international news network, especially when the media was covering major public event or incident which needs live updates. The coverage of ‘Paris Attack’ in 2015 is a very good example. International news network such as BBC, CNN, The Guardian and The Telegraph was providing live report consisting minute-to-minute updates. However, if we looked at to the story which was becoming longer…

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