Should There Be A Risk Of Citizen Journalism?

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Citizen journalism is defined as public, participatory or street journalism. Citizen journalism is based upon public citizens playing an active role on collecting data and be intermittent on social media. With the increasing development of social media, citizens have been posting, tweeting and reporting on-the-spot news. At present, most citizens have been practicing citizen journalism effectively. However, with that, there might be a few risks and opportunities that come when practicing citizen journalism. The opportunity is seen with the rising of technology that helps citizens report news and how it creates open-minded ideas to society. In contrast, the risks are seen when citizens poses as competitors to professional journalism, practicing …show more content…
This connects with how online or citizen journalism are viewed in a lower status by big news companies because of their unprofessionalism on reporting news and thus creating tensions among citizen and professional journalists. (O’Sullivan & Heinonen, 2008). It is a risk to be a citizen journalist because professionals might view ‘everyday people’ as low value people. Nevertheless, it could also be an opportunity for citizens to prove professionals wrong. Roberts & Steiner has said that citizen journalism is childish, risky and improper (Chadha & Steiner, 2015). This suggests that professionals are saying how citizens normally cause chaos and are always exaggerating on news reports. Subsequently, competitors of mainstream media such as online blogs are pointed out as judgmental people of traditional journalists who confuse the society between a professional and an average citizen journalist who reports ‘naively’. This also connects with how traditional journalists are really against the idea of citizen journalism increasing and mixing in with the professionals because it might cause a hazard. In short, traditional journalists are unhappy with citizen journalists interfering because citizen journalists might ruin professional journalist’s

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