Essay On Arab Culture

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Many things distinguish Western culture from Arabian culture, but there are also some key cultural similarities that can be seen between these two cultures. One key thing that should be noted is the key role that religion plays is Arab culture. More specifically, the religion of Islam affects many of the customs in those countries. The first thing that sets these cultures apart is religion. In these Arabian cultures, Islamic religion is the main religion, and many of the laws that were given to their prophet, Muhammad, are used to govern their society. The word Islam comes from Arabic, which means Salema. This means peace, purity, submission, and obedience, with special emphasis on submission. These words resonate strongly in Islamic culture. When they say submission, they mean submission to the will of God, and obedience means obedience to God and the teachings of the Koran. Here, we do not see a dominant …show more content…
This leads to the drive for charity. Two charities in the U.S. that help Arabian people is the National Arab American Medical Association, which helps to make strong bonds between people working in the medical field in Arab countries and U.S. medical people, who can both learn from one another. The second, Islamic Relief USA, which is a worldwide organization (non-profit). These two organizations also show the emphasis on charity in Islamic culture. The poverty, in these countries leads to hopelessness in these areas. This can lead to extremism, which can lead to violent acts. Some of the thinking that Islamic culture is the best is taught in some fundamentalist schools in Arab cultures. This leads children to think this way for time to come. Like I stated above, even in great poverty, families push to get their children educated. Education is extremely important in Islamic culture. Here, some may go to school, but dropping out and being pulled out by parents due to money reasons is

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