Differences And Similarities Between Buddhism And Christianity

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Have you ever thought about how many differences and similarities there are between Buddhism and Christianity? There are sometimes very few differences between each individual religion. On the other hand there can be several similarities. There can be differences between their origins, spiritual leaders and even different places of worship. Some similarities can be in the rules they go by and their main language. Christianity and Buddhism are more different than similar. Analyzing religious founders; Jesus Christ for Christianity and Siddhartha Guatama for Buddhism, we can truly contrast them. Buddhism and Christianity share numerous similarities. One similarity being the idea that Buddha and Jesus are practically brothers. “When you are a …show more content…
Buddhists believe that marriage is not a religious duty, therefore mainly an individual concern and seen as a social convention. Christians strongly believe marriage is a "Holy Sacrament". They were established in very different times; Christianity emerged approximately 33 A.D. and Buddhism approximately twenty-five hundred years ago. The three jewels of these religions also differ greatly. Christianity states that their three jewels are Christ, Grace, and Virture. Buddhists three jewels are the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. One of the most important differences is that Buddhists do not believe in a creator God while Christians believe in one God: the father, the son, and the holy spirit. A less relevant variance is in holy days and official holidays of each set of beliefs since Christians have up to eight while Buddhists have up to fifteen. They also have divergent original languages; Buddhists originally spoke Magada and Christians spoke Greek, Latin, and Aramaic. The virtue on which the religions are based upon are compassion for Buddhists and Love for Christians. In the end Buddhism and Christianity are very different and similar in very few ways. As above there are numerous qualities that differ from one another in each religion and can be noticed in many ways. On the other hand, a person can practice Buddhism and Christianity but truly commit to one more than the other and

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