Difference Culture And Religion

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America is the country that has a lot of immigrants, so there are many people with difference culture and religion. I come from another country and not much people from my country go to church; therefore, my family keeps our culture and do not want to go to the church when we came to America. I met a lot of people who asked me why I do not go to the church, but I just remain silence and walk away. One time that I learned how to deal with the problem of the difference in religions when other people thought that I had bad personality, experienced the pain from other people joke, and decided to stop listen to what other people say. First, I have to deal with all of the people who thought that I had bad personality. When I transfer to America …show more content…
People that I used to hang out with could not understand my religion, and they do not consider me as a friend anymore. Therefore, I decided to not try to hang out with them. At school, they still want to make fun of me whenever they see me, but I just block out what they say about me. I put on headphone to listen to music every times I see them, so I could not hear what they say. Because they laugh when they see me, I try to look away from them whenever I see them. After few months, they do not want to make fun of me anymore because they know that I am not care about their joke anymore. I try to build relationship with another group of students, and these students are really respectful. They understand my religion, and they never judge me base on my culture. Also, they interest to learn about my culture such as the festival and language, and it makes me feel more comfortable when I go to school. Now, I have someone to eat lunch with and friends to study together, so it makes me love to go to school. My friends and I love to go to each other house to play video games and eat on weekend. Hence, I feel that my life is more fun to hang out with the new group of friends. I feel better to not listen to what other people say about me because it makes me feel less stress and more

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