Difference Between Street Art And Graffiti

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Street art is a unique form of modern artistic expression. It has become a part of the urban environment, growing and changing with the city and the people that live there. Street art can comment on a social issue, poke fun at some aspect of society, or simply beautify a run-down area of the city. Even though the modern style of street art and graffiti was developed and perfected in the 1970s, elements of graffiti can be traced all the way back to the early 19th century. Today, street art has developed into a global movement, earning its recognition as a legitimate and unique artistic style in the traditional fine art world.
By definition, street art is graffiti. Nonetheless, there are some large differences between the two groups. Differences between street art and graffiti can be seen through the intent of its creator, projected audience, and its form. The word graffiti is derived from the Italian word graffiare, which means to scratch, such as on a surface. However, in today’s context, graffiti refers to any kind of unsanctioned alteration or application of a substance such as spray paint, pencil markings, or even stickers. Both street art and graffiti are
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It rejects established standards, encourages experimentation, and draws inspiration from popular culture (DeNotto 208). By the 1990s, street art had spread and grown immensely, as some art-school educated artists began experimenting with street art, drawing from hip-hop and punk attitudes and mixing with recent art movements. According to Martin Irvine from Georgetown University, during this time “street art was the ghost in the urban machine becoming self-aware and projecting its repressed dreams and fantasies onto walls” (2). However, some basic elements of graffiti have existed for a long time before it began to gain in popularity as street art and can be traced back almost a hundred

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