Acting On Stage Acting Essay

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Most of the audiences on many drama shows have common misconception that actors of their favorite drama series have similar method of acting in the actors on stage. Lots of stars in the showbiz industry attained their fame with sophistication because they are mestizo and mestizo. In reality, actors on stage are having harder time on acting because of many reasons than the actors on screen. Acting on stage requires high level of concentration in every acting lesson to be an efficient stage actor. Theatre acting and screen acting are both form of arts; however, they differ in terms of acting difficulties and techniques used by actors. Many actors either on stage or on screen have their own difficulties in acting; they commonly found the body …show more content…
Stanislavsky method acting is a technique teaches on most drama schools in western country. This technique develops actor theatrical sense of self by learning to control the skills of concentration, imagination and communication (Carnicke, Actor Training, 2010). The actors also expect its total mental and physical concentration on stage called psychophysical state (Carnicke, 2010). Another technique is the Lee Strasberg method this is most controversial technique because of its unique approach in acting and complexity. The basic idea of effective memory is not the emotional recall but the actors emotion on stage should never be real (Krasner, 2010). The actor is placing themselves in the memory emotion from the past and this will be the product of experiences in interpretation of body and mind in releasing emotions on stage. Another acting theatre technique is Tadashi Suzuki acting method or “Grammar of the feet”. The method requires intensive physical trainings for actor to develop the balance and stillness of feet on stage. The actor’s feet contact to the ground is affecting the whole body on stage such as arms and hand movements and even the actor’s voice variations are being compromised if the feet are not on its correct form (Carruthers & Yasunari, 2007). Similarly, screen acting has a technique resembles to Stanislavsky method called

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