Difference Between Sports And Sports Essay

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There are two types of athletes in the world, the players who worship a game of winning and the players who worship the value and love of a game. While sports are very compelling and it is easy to get caught up in the rush that accompanies winning, only those who play to provide for their family should support this mindset. Sports have a deeper meaning other than having to excel in a sport, but in today’s society, the thought of playing for the enjoyment of a sport is hand-in-hand with success. Those who they have a mindset of playing for the love of a sport are labeled fragile. However, the difference between an athlete playing a sport to win and an athlete playing a sport for the love is the maturity level of his mindset, acceptance level of failure, and how he grows into what he loves. Maturity level plays a role in how different athletes value a sport. There is a higher level of maturity when an athlete can recognize the true importance of the most underrated things such as value. On the contrary, an athlete who plays to win does not value much except the materialistic things which would lead to immaturity. The person who does not care to win seeks growth and improvement of himself. Looking for what he can gain from the play of a sport allowing them to mature further in life. Maturity is the foundation for growth, and when someone seeks growth, they are able to understand value. Following maturity is the ability to accept failures. Accepting life and its failures is…

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