Should The Lottery Be Abolished Persuasive Essay

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Whether to award participation trophies or not is a big controversial issue in America today. However, most people are in favor of not awarding participation trophies to children because it does not teach them a life lesson. A solution to solve the problematic are to ensure both the winning and losing team a trophy. However, when both teams receive a trophy this defeats the purpose of even playing the game. Children are smart enough to know if they won or lost a game, and by letting each team receive a trophy it creates confusion for children. This confusion happens because a child does not understand why he or she is awarded a trophy for losing a game. When children are confused why they are receiving an award for no reason, then this creates a big problem …show more content…
On the other hand, playing a sport is based upon competing and trying to outplay your competition. Pressures will sometimes be placed upon a person playing a sport, but that does not mean the pressure has to be taken as a negative. The purpose of a sport is to have one winner and one loser, and the winner is the only team rewarded with a trophy. Losing a game should not be rewarded just for putting out an effort, if that were the case then every person who has every competed would have a trophy. If children receive a trophy for showing just showing up then they are not learning anything. By understanding the difference in winning and losing is a great life lesson to learn. Losing teaches a person to have adversity and it motivates him or her to try harder next time. Losing needs to be taken in a positive way and children should not feel sad about losing a game because it is just a game. Children need to learn how to handle losing and to know what it feels like because each person experiences losses throughout life. A child must learn that it is okay to lose because he or she is not expected to win all of the

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