Difference Between Shepherding And Counseling

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Shepherding Model The role of a shepherd is identified as that of caring, courage and guidance. The qualities of a shepherd are knowing, leading, vulnerability, serving the flock welcoming, cooperating, and equipping. (Petersen, 2007) The call for leaders in the ecclesiastical community to pursue the shepherd-leader model for the advance and the effectiveness of the mission of God. (Resane, 2014) Shepherd have the need to feed God people. A shepherd’s way of thinking is essential to leading God’s people. He or she is responsible to the spiritual well-being of God’s people. Shepherding can be difficult at times. It can be challenging. The duties of a shepherd can be emotional and draining when dealing with the spirituality of people. …show more content…
They both are used to address issues of those in need. Shepherding and counseling can go hand in hand. They both require listening, having empathy, and being available. Confidentiality is essential in both roles. Shepherding and counselors can have different roles. A shepherd spiritually guides those in need. Counselors are educated and trained to handle mental issues. A shepherd should go beyond what he or she is capable to handle. Collaboration, shepherding and counseling is important when dealing people in need. In some instances, a shepherd will have to collaborate with a counselor. It is important that a shepherd or pastor to be able to work with people in different lines of work. The Collaborating Model allows the other models to function properly when it comes to combining resources to reach a certain goal. When shepherds, counselors and other cannot work together it will cause a problem with getting the appropriate assistance the those in need require. Pastoral Care and The Means of Grace need shepherding, counseling and collaboration. Shepherds or pastors take care of the souls of God’s people. God’s grace is key to the success of helping those in need. It is not easy to keep tracks of pastoral care by the means of grace. According to Petersen (2007), “Pastors can count the hours in counseling or the number of cans of soup handed out at a ministry center. However, is hard to measure the effectiveness of a sermon or prayer in the lives of specific

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