Difference Between Religion And Muslim Community

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John L. Esposito most important goal is to abundantly enlighten the world of the Islam religion and the Muslim community to clear serious stereotypes and put them to rest.
Islam is a solid and rising religion that is the second largest in the world after Christianity. Muslims will soon be in close quarters in all great nations and should be understood by humanity in order to decrease judgement upon our fellow citizens and neighbors. Due to absence of societies knowledge on cross-cultural indifference the human population fear Muslims. To terminate the cycle of horror, the human population must take the initiative to educate each other about the Muslim community’s beliefs and the basic knowledge on their way of living. With such an informative book, the universe could acquire having an open mind and learn to love the Islam community.
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With many similar beliefs and views as Christianity, the popularity of the Islam religion is increasing throughout the years. With this understanding, humanity is inclined towards enlightening themselves, due to the values and morals of this faith. Muslims believe in one God and an afterlife just as Christians and Jews. The key difference is that they call their God, Allah, which means God in Arabic. Also, an abundance of scriptures or stories are translated differently from other religious view. For example, Muslims believe that humans were produced from a blood clot, unlike Christians where they believe that man was made from the dust. But most importantly, what does it mean to be Islam to a Muslim? “Islam means submission to the will of God” (Esposito pg. 159). The Islamic community take their values, beliefs, and morals

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