Ps4 Vs Ps3 Comparison

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PS3 vs. PS4: A New Gaming Device What are the differences between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and which is better? Sony is slowly adding PS2 and PS3 games for purchase to play on PS4. I believe that PS3 is better because of its backwards compatibility. The main reason I think PS3 is better is because the more reliable and free backward compatibility, unlike the PS4 in which a purchase is necessary. On top of purchasing, only select games are chosen to be made downloadable. Price is a main focus of buyers. In comparison, PS3 is cheaper than PS4 because it is an older model of PlayStation. On average, a PS3 costs between $19 and $250 while a PS4 costs an average of $500.. This price for a brand new game system …show more content…
It is also cheaper to get a PS3 because an online membership is not required. Another difference is the amount of gigabytes. A PS4 has Five-hundred gigabytes; PS3 has between twelve and One-hundred twenty gigabytes. Gigabytes measure how much memory each system can contain. One Gigabyte is roughly equivalent to to One Billion bytes. PS4 has PS3 beat on storage. The most important is backward compatibility. While PS3 has the ability to play both PS1 and PS2 games, the PS4 only has certain PS2 and PS3 titles to choose from. According to Sony, its engineers are trying to make the most popular titles available for compatibility. Many opinions others suggested was that Sony should have made PS4 backward compatible with all PlayStation games PS1, PS2, and PS3. Controllers have a large impact on gameplay whether it be a shooting game or racing game. Controllers for the PS4 are Dual-shock, larger and heaver than the previous Dual-shock 3. Dual-shock 3 is also for the PS4. The larger remote and a little tweaking of the buttons makes the controllers better for both shooting games and racing games. Unlike its predecessor the Dual-shock 3, the Dual-shock 4 lacks the larger touch screen on the center of

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