Difference Between Medical Care And Health Care Essay

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The movie is based on the current U. S. health care system, the difference between medical care and health, and the ethics of health care decisions. It gave a clear picture to the public about the exploitation of health care and insurance policies, rights of blue-collar citizens, media exploitation, law enforcement practices and over-paid medical specialists. John Quincy (John Q) has a nice small family with a loving wife Denise, and an adorable, well-mannered nine year old son, Mike. John works in a factory started as a full-time employee, but due to low productivity he is not getting enough hours. His wife recently got a job in a supermarket. Due to financial hardship John missed a payment for his wife’s car, and the bank towed the car away. Their family dynamics are bonding and sticking together. The wife became very upset in the morning when the car was towed away. The son, Mike noticed the parents were upset, he tried to make them laugh by making fun and posing like a body builder. Although he is a nine year old boy, he is really concerned about the financial hardship of the family. He saved $46.00 dollars from his allowances, which he offered to his dad to use it, and said,” We are a family, we got to stick together”. That was very cute. The little Mike didn’t like his dad saying “Good bye” to him when he gets dropped off at the school. He rather likes to say “See you later”. This represents their care for each other. One day while playing the little league…

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