Difference Between Force And Static Equilibrium

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The research is to be made on the most important concepts of the civil engineering which are force and static equilibrium. These concepts are very important for the engineering point of view. The force can be considered as the element which moves or tries to move and stops or tries to stop the body in motion. So whenever there is a force applied on an object it changes its inertia and causes to changes its state of rest or motion.
The structures should be in equilibrium before and even after the application of the force.
So the two important things in the civil engineering are the force and equilibrium. Thus the force when applied to an object it may changes its equilibrium so there should be some knowledge
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The axis of the forces, orientation, resultant, torque, couple and moment are all related to the force. So keeping in view the importance of this fact in the engineering the topic is studied.
Literature Review
Force is described earlier as an element which may cause a body to move or tries to move it or stops else ties to stop it. Now lots of things are important here related to force. As force is a vector quantity which can be completely understood with the help of the magnitude and direction. Direction is very much important in the study of the force because in the engineering point of view force is studied with the help of the coordinate system and suitable sign is allotted to the force. Force can be resolved into components and resultant effect is same as the components effect taking into account in
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Let’s understand in a little detail.
Force F can be resolved into its two components in rectangular
Coordinate system as 퐹 푎푛푑 퐹 .
The resultant R of the force is equal to the 푅 = 푭 = 퐹풙 + 퐹
Similarly the inclination can be calculated as 휃 = 푡푎푛−1
similarly the force is termed as positive if the direction if towards right and upward and is considered as negative if the direction is leftward and downward. Force is related to the equilibrium as when the force acts on the body it should be balanced such that the body remains at rest. Equilibrium of the particle is explained by the two equilibrium condition like
1st condition of equilibrium is defined as sum of all the forces acting on the body is zero which means resultant of the all the force is zero not its magnitude but its resultant effect which is called first condition of equilibrium. The forces may be x direction or y direction or may be both in x and y direction. Mathematical form of 1st condition of equilibrium is
∑ 퐹 = 0
∑ 퐹 = 0 푎푛푑 ∑ 퐹 = 0
Like the forces in equilibrium will not means the body is in complete equilibrium as

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