Difference Between Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Planning

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Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are often used together and sometime employers think they are the same, but disaster recovery planning is different from business continuity planning. Disaster recovery deals with being consistent with pre-planning actions that will help the business be prepared after a disaster strike whether it’s natural or human- error, and business continuity deals with preventing the Disaster from happening(if it’s possible). Business continuity planning centers on the business as a whole, and Disaster Recovery Planning normally starts with the company it dept. even though they’re different, they go hand in hand, because disaster recovery builds on business continuity. When making these plans for your …show more content…
When you have to plan for potential threats, you need to consider where the business is located for instance if your company is located anywhere in the south you shouldn’t concern yourself with planning for earthquakes, you should be planning for hurricanes or tropical storms. I typical break done threat into two categories “natural threats” and “human- error threats”. Examples of natural threats are storms (depending on your location it can be either hurricanes or winter snow storms), floods, earthquakes, and fires are just to name a few, human-error threats are hardware and/or software failure, theft, any security incidents, and sometimes acts of terrorism(depending on your company location). And based of these possible threats your company can now plan out different scenarios. The next step would be determining the recovery time, which is basically determining how long your business can function and run without certain

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