Difference Between Democracy And Multiculturalism

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By considering the historical development, it can be seen that the concept of democracy which bases on the governance of the public by public itself, has been given different meanings depending on the level of progress of the societies in all fields of the social life. Literally, democracy is a Latin word. It comes from demos which mean people and krotos which mean power or rule. Since Ancient Roma, democracy has introduced different models for being a response to changing political and social needs. Each model tries to eliminate problems and inadequacy of previous models. In this wise, democracy has been enriched step by step. People has been introduced different theories for reaching ideal democracy. When 21st century comes, the ability of transformation of democracy reappear. Because post-modernism becomes a dominant actor instead of modernism that was really important in
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Because of the social transformations that the globalization brings, plural identities and the increasing role of global institutions related to these transformations and gradually increasing diverted identities have become realities of our present world. Meanwhile, debates about multiculturalism have begun to appear in this sense. Multiculturalism and cultural diversity have become phenomena discussed all over the world with the help of post-modernity. Multiculturalism has entered in the agenda of the whole world just after the countries such …show more content…
Two of them can be used together when managing a society. They have come advantaged and difficulties as a separate area or as a system that is used together. Like all systems, both of them should be improved and people should try to find ideal

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