Multiculturalism Research Paper

By considering the historical development, it can be seen that the concept of democracy which bases on the governance of the public by public itself, has been given different meanings depending on the level of progress of the societies in all fields of the social life. Literally, democracy is a Latin word. It comes from demos which mean people and krotos which mean power or rule. Since Ancient Roma, democracy has introduced different models for being a response to changing political and social needs. Each model tries to eliminate problems and inadequacy of previous models. In this wise, democracy has been enriched step by step. People has been introduced different theories for
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The supporters of multiculturalism consider it as a mean which provide minorities to find their essential identities, thus they can play a role in the modern world. The supporters of multiculturalism think that it is the magical way to live together with different cultures, languages and beliefs. According to them it is possible to live together with the different beliefs in peace and toleration by means of multiculturalism. Thanks to multiculturalism, people can consider different ideas other than theirs as legitimate. A Person has to reach a collective decision with the people who have different perspectives. This can be another advantage. To mention, examine and argue about different information can increase the knowledge of all participants about the social issues. Thus, each person is able to see how their perspectives affect others. On the long ground multiculturalism can transform into an advantage for continuity of societies. The bigger and deeper diversities need more unity and harmony to maintain diversity and to live together. An individual feels himself as a part of the system If his/her cultural group is considered as a positive identity by his/her state. Main critics about multiculturalism generally come from a political conservative wing. They think that because of the idea of the multiculturalism, the idea of nation and nation states will be damaged. They consider multiculturalism as a policy which try to split the entity of the states. This situation can show us the reason of distant attitude of US towards multicultural policies. As you know US is a multı ethnicity society and If the state gives a privileged position to a group, other ethnic and linguistic groups want to have the same rights and it damaged the unity of the state. Another difficulty of multiculturalism in the process of deliberative democracy is that, although the main idea is

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