Difference Between Data and Information Essay

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Difference between data and information

Comparison chart EMBED THIS CHART

|Improve this chart |Data |Information |
|Meaning: |Data is raw, unorganized facts that need to |When data is processed, organized, structured|
| |be processed. Data can be something simple |or presented in a given context so as to make|
| |and seemingly random and useless until it is |it useful, it is called Information. |
| |organized. | |
|Example: |Each student's test score
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You can’t physically pick up data, move it about, etc.
Let me explain, but – before we go any further - I should point out that I’m using the Infogineering defintions of the three words (data, information, knowledge) here. They’ve been so muddled up over the past few years that the various definitions don’t match up. So, let me explain how Infogineering views them all.


Firstly, let’s look at Knowledge. Knowledge is what we know. Think of this as the map of the World we build inside our brains. Like a physical map, it helps us knowwhere things are – but it contains more than that. It also contains our beliefs and expectations. “If I do this, I will probably get that.” Crucially, the brain links all these things together into a giant network of ideas, memories, predictions, beliefs, etc.
It is from this “map” that we base our decisions, not the real world itself. Our brains constantly update this map from the signals coming through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin.
You can’t currently store knowledge in anything other than a brain, because a brain connects it all together. Everything is inter-connected in the brain. Computers are not artificial brains. They don’t understand what they are processing, and can’t make independent decisions based upon what you tell them.
There are two sources that the brain uses to build this knowledge - information and data.


Data is/are the facts of the World. For example, take

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