Differences Between Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

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Business continuity refers to activities which required keeping the organization running during a time of displacement of normal operation. Whereas, Disaster recovery is a process of rebuilding the infrastructure after the disaster has passed. It is the fact that business continuity and disaster recovery are similar but they are not same. From years ago, people are combining business continuity and disaster recovery into a single term which results in failure to know their differences. The business continuity is broader than a disaster recovery (Green, 2014). Disaster recovery manages the restoration of information or applications and subsequently, is a piece of business progression while business continuity goes additionally being a system that enables the business to work with insignificant or service outage.
The differences between the business continuity and disaster recovery are for example, by the definition, business continuity refers to keeping up the business work or the way towards recovering the business to full operation after an emergency or a major disruption whether caused by fire, flood, or attacks by cybercrimes. When it comes to disaster recovery it refers to the way toward reestablishing the information and also applications that maintain a
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Since the organizations must figure out what is serious to upgrade recovery efforts. The information of the differences in business continuity and disaster recovery is additionally in helping the organization to assess the cost of the business on the off chance that there was a noteworthy downtime or there was a loss business resource (Gordon & Steven, 2015). By knowing the differences between the business continuity and disaster recovery will enable the organization to create and plan viable whether its business continuity or disaster

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