Employment Non-Discrimination

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Appearance ,gender, or someone’s race should determine how they will perform on a job.
Judging Employees Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is legislation proposed in the United States Congress that would prohibit discrimination in hiring and employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity by employers with at least 15 employees. As Bendick stated “Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, disability, gender orientation, and other characteristics continues to distort employers’ hiring decisions and thereby limit employment opportunities for historically excluded groups.” On job application they asks for your gender, you have a choice to choose out of a female, male, or do not wish to
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In the article “Hiding Your Race or Gender on A Job Application: Is It Ever worth It?” Lewis says, “research has shown that resumes with identical credentials lead to calls for interviews at a much higher rate when they appear to come from a white man, as opposed to having a name that ‘sounds’ black, Hispanic, Asian, or female.” For example, Jake and Raekwon applied for a job and Jake receives a call for the job. Jake and Raekwon are basically on the same level for the job but in appearance Raekwon has a couple tattoos. When dealing with certain companies, employees represent the company. They would rather someone that looks clean and very professional. Not only did the tattoos cause him the job but also because his name may not be easy for customers to pronounce. Jake is a more common name and very easy to pronounce and remember. Pager said ” The results of their study indicate that White-sounding names were 50% more likely to elicit positive responses from employers relative to equally qualified applicants with “Black” names (9.7% vs. …show more content…
It’s something that one thinks doesn’t exist anymore but slowly creeps back up. Jobs can be biased. “While the persistent and widespread racial and gender inequalities that exist in the United States are almost certainly due to a combination of many different factors, one likely source of inequality is discrimination” said Nier. Just when you think you have a chance of getting a job and you haven’t received a call back isn’t because you weren’t good, but because what they was looking for. Jobs will say “the position was given to someone else” with no explanation to why you did not receive the position. Employers will find a way to dodge the bullet in not explaining to a person why they didn’t receive the job.
Unfair pay to the men and woman are different. Men are paid more than woman because they fell as if man can get the job done better. Men feel that woman aren’t fit for a hard working position because they are too sensitive. Women think man receive more recognitions then a woman would for accomplishment they have done. A Job is a job no matter the sex, color, religion, disability, or even the appearance of a person may seem like to the employer. None of this should determine who the person is and how they will perform on the job. Everyone should have an equal opportunity at what they

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