Dieting : A Healthy Weight Essay

1583 Words Dec 16th, 2016 7 Pages
A young girl who is constantly being hammered to look a certain way is desperately searching for a way to satisfy her bullies. As she hopelessly seeks a way to shut out the negativity from friends, family, and classmates she digs in for the fastest way to please her oppressors. Her only outlet is dieting, which entitles her to restrict to small amounts or particular kinds of food in order to lose weight. Dieting is a growing topic for adolescents, adults, and elders who desire a certain body type or number on the scale. Through strict calorie counts and eating special foods they rush their internal system to burn fat excessively to reach their goal of weight loss. With this intention, they are able to reach a healthier weight and lose the unhealthy fat their bodies carried. In spite of the quick results of dieting, not everyone agrees with the promising outcomes. Dieting can be harmful especially for those teens who are transitioning to be adults; in fact, the way to a healthy weight loss that will shape a healthier life is a psychological process to resist unhealthy foods, instead of going aggressive with low-calorie diets. With this said, parents of teens are obliged to guide their youth based on inner beauty rather than lead them through the outer beauty of rigorous diets and stereotypic body images in order to ensure a healthy physical and mental life. To begin with, Fad Diets which is a diet that promises quick weight loss through an unhealthy and unbalanced diet is…

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