Diet Pills And Its Effects On Physical Attractiveness Essay

1513 Words May 16th, 2016 7 Pages
Many Viewpoints on Diet Pills Diet pills in America are causing people to go crazy about their self-image. In 1800, the first diet pill was made to reduce fat. Since then, diet pills have been based on herbal formulations, and each year a new diet supplements are sold. Diet pills are supplements that increases the metabolism and aids in weight loss. They suppress an individual’s appetite and aid in burning body fat. Body size is very apparent to everyone and it has an effect on physical attractiveness. There has been much research done to help America understand the truth behind diet supplements. Seven authors, Scott, Beil, Yaasmeen, Whisenhunt, Trebilcock, Nissen, and Skerrett, explain the concepts of dietary supplements from their own perspective. These authors all agree on one thing: America is spending too much on these dietary supplements. Many Americans, according to these scholarly articles, say that would spend approximately $5 per day just on dietary supplements. In 2015 alone, “Americans spent $21 billion on dietary supplements” (Scott). Scott discusses how Americans spend so much money on dietary supplements but the amount of money that Americans spend on dietary supplements could be put towards a better cause. With Americans spending billions of dollars on weight loss products each year, “at least 20 percent of women in this country have tried one” (Beil). Diet pills in America, according to Beil has become a popular source for weight loss. It doesn’t matter…

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