Diet And Exercise Of A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Introduction: The question we are investigating is: What is the best use of diet and exercise to see the greatest weight loss results- unhealthy eating and excessive exercise, healthy eating with no exercise or balanced eating and exercise? The independent variable is the eating and exercising being done and the dependent variable is weight loss.

This question is important because there are constant debates throughout everyday life on a lot of different factors are healthiness, but which one is the most effective? There are three different varieties: unhealthy eating with more exercise, healthy eating with little to no exercise, or a balance of both. This is important because it will help people achieve goals that they set for themselves if they want to convert to a healthy lifestyle. Many people get the wrong idea of being healthy and think that running on a treadmill for the recommended half an hour per day will cancel out eating a Big Mac from McDonald’s, but that is not the case. A healthy lifestyle cannot be a one week fling, it needs to become consistent and needs to be a priority in one’s daily schedule if you want to see results. However, it is important to have appropriate types and amounts of exercise. For example, if someone is not very active and all of sudden works out three times a day, it can hurt their body and overwork their muscles which can result to long term injuries such as muscle pulls or tears or bone breaks or fractures. It is important to start…

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