Did You Not Know That? Essays

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“Did you not know that?” Piper asked. “I thought Bailey would have told you. From what he said about you…it sounded like…”
“What?” I asked. “Sounds like what?”
“Did you guys ever sleep together?” Piper asked, like it was no big deal.
“No!” I said. “I barely know him!”
“I was just asking.” Piper said. “You don’t need to get all defensive.”
“I’m not trying to.” I said. “I just didn’t know anything about Jessica. It just surprises me, that’s all.”
“I am sorry.” Piper said. “I thought he told you.”
I smiled. “Thanks for telling me. I think it’s better that I know.” I stood up and started to walk away.
“Hey.” Nicolle said.
I turned around.
“You want some company?” she asked.
“No, I’d rather be alone, if that’s okay. I’m just going to get some coffee then go home.” I replied.
Nicolle smiled and wasted no time. She put her hand on Piper’s neck, and started to kiss him. I smiled and walked away.
I drove around for a while. I wasn’t heading anywhere. I was thinking. I just couldn’t escape my thoughts. How could Bailey not tell me Jessica was his wife? How could he still search for her, and be with me? What was he going to do when he found her? Dump me? Is that what he was thinking? He’ll just date me, then when he finds his wife he’ll just leave me? All these questions haunted me, and it pissed me off that I couldn’t quit thinking.
I decided to turn the radio on. I looked at my radio, and pressed the ‘on’ button. The song ‘Stay with me’ by Sam Smith was playing, and I…

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