Diabetic Diet And Diabetes Diet Eating Essay examples

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Diabetic Diet, https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/diabetes/diabetes-diet-eating
The website tells us that diabetes and keeping a healthy diet goes hand in hand but also physical activity should also be integrated in your daily diet. The website gives information on blood glucose levels and how keeping your sugar in a target range can help prevent health problems. The website also provides plenty of information on the range you should be for glucose levels, how many calories should be eaten in a day and also detailed examples of food that should be eaten and also the servings that go with that food.
The website is very credible. The information provided is from a government web address and it is better to have a government address than a commercial or business site which is not very reliable and usually is selling you something. The site is providing information for the public on diabetic dieting and it is not selling anything but advising the public on important information which includes peer reviewed journals, clinical trials and statistics and research. The content of this website was authored by Griffin P. Rodgers, M.D., M.A.C.P who has appropriate credentials. Experts have reviewed the websites for accuracy which includes Marion J. Franz who is a R.D and Carolyn Lentos who also had the R.D credentials. The website overriding message is to inform the public on basic knowledge of certain diseases including diabetes and dieting but also to improve people’s daily…

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