Diabetes Is A Major Public Health Problem Essay

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Diabetes mellitus is a major public health problem in the U.S. effecting nearly 29 million of the population and costing the U. S. healthcare system around 174 billion annually (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2011). High diabetic prevalence rates and negative health outcomes have been linked with lack of health literacy among the diabetic population (Kirk et al.2012). Health literacy is necessary to create awareness and improve self-management skills among the diabetes patients (Nutbeam 2008). Diabetes knowledge and self-management skills will help prevent diabetes and delay the complications associated with it through proper care choices and self-management ability (Kirk et al.2012).
This capstone research focusses on the diabetes problem in the state of Colorado. The reason for choosing Colorado is the alarming rising prevalence of diabetes and the huge range of population dynamics. This capstone research focuses primarily on health literacy interventions and their impact on diabetic patient health outcomes. First, the literature review discusses details about diabetes in terms of how it is caused, the symptoms, the types, prevalence, and costs of care, complications, and diabetic facilities in Colorado. Additionally, the literature review provides an explanation on health literacy and discusses the impact of different kinds of health literacy interventions on health outcomes among diabetes patients.
Discussing the above concepts is important to…

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