Diabetes : Diabetes And Diabetes Essay

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Millions of people around the world today have been diagnosed with diabetes. Including 29 million people in the United States, that is roughly 9.3 percent according to the center for disease control. Worldwide this disease afflicts over 380 million people. Today diabetes takes more lives than breast cancer and AIDS combined (diabetesresearch.org). So what is diabetes and how can you prevent this disease? Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the body’s inability to produce any or enough insulin causes elevated levels of glucose in the blood. The pancreas is supposed to release insulin. The insulin is very important because it allows glucose to go into the cells in the body. Insulin acts as the key that opens up the cells so the glucose can enter and be used by the cells as energy. But when a person has diabetes, it causes this whole cycle to be stopped.
There are two types of diabetes that a person can have. The first type is type 1 diabetes and the other is type 2 diabetes. When someone has type 1 diabetes their body for some reason attacks the part of their pancreas that produces insulin. The cells the immune system attacks are called islets. The islets sense the amount of glucose in the blood and produce the amount of insulin the body needs. Since insulin is the key that allows the cells to use glucose for energy it is very important. Without the insulin there is no key so the glucose is locked out of the cells and gets stuck in the blood. The insulin will…

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