Dhoj Tulachand's Dhrtarastra With 16 Attendant

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The Extraordinary Beauty behind Patience
I chose to do my paper on the colorful and extraordinarily detailed titled “Dhrtarastra (Dharma King of the East Direction) with 16 Attendants” by Shashi Dhoj Tulachand. This work of art was created in the most beautiful and inspiring way, which is why I choose this story to talk about. Shashi is also known as Guru Nawang Chhogyall Tenzin, he is a 69 year- old spiritual leader of the Chhairo Gompa, a branch of Tibetan Buddhism. He is a master of thangka painting and is from Tuksche, a remote village located in Mustang, Nepal's northernmost district adjacent to Tibet and is committed to re-establishing the lost teaching tradition of Chhairo gompa. Shashi comes from a long line of Buddhist artists his
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There is a strong sense of movement created with the flames against the black, and the Chinese man drifting to the side with his head cocked to the left. There is many different textures and patterns – my favorite being the clouds in the in the artistic sense that they remind me of some sort of sushi rolls or a color full garden of flowers. The clouds create a great amount of rhythm and movement, with an implied diagonal line tracing through the sky. It makes the focal point centered near where there is movement- the Chinese man’s face, the guitar, and the flames. I love the incorporation of the angry looking bird on the left edge of the guitar staring into his face. On the right side of him, there is an angelic looking woman playing the flute, staring at him sweetly. Both of these images are resting along a diagonal line that is drawn upwards through the guitar strings. The tiger symbolizes confidence and modesty in Tibetan Buddhism. The man is standing on the tiger so he has stood his ground is what this shows. There are dragons resting on top of the tiger, which communications straying from delusion and unspoken truths. The main quality of a dragon is confidence and dominance, yet the two dragons are small and crammed in this artwork, showing that the man has further power and control through his music.
The way these art pieces are created is so fascinating to me in the artistic and spiritual clarity that the goal is not simply to have something in your hands by the end of it, but the point is the mental clarity it will bring towards you, your life and your soul. There is so much beauty in that and really shows how much these peaceful monks appreciated the world around them and the exceptional people around them truly cherishing the simple moments that brought everything

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