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History Of Air Conditioner

The history of air conditioner started in the early days with the need to preserve foods. Foods that are kept at room temperature spoil easily due to the growth of bacteria.
At temperature below 4° C (40° F), the growth of bacteria is reduced rapidly. As a result of the development in food refrigeration, other applications that follows include air conditioning, humidity control and manufacturing processes.

The discovery of the principles of the absorption type of refrigeration in 1824 showed that liquefied ammonia could chill air when it is allowed to evaporate. Ice was created using compressor technology in the year 1842 by a physician named John Gorrie.

The commercially available of air conditioning
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Non-ozone depletion refrigerant such as R-410a has been used in newer air conditioning systems.

History Of Air Conditioner and Refrigeration * 1820 Ice was first artificially made as an experiment. * 1824 Michael Faraday discovered the principles for the absorption type of refrigeration. * 1834 Jacob Perkins invented the first artificial ice manufacturing machine which led to our modern compression systems. * 1902 Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first air conditioner to control the temperature and humidity of a printing company, marking the first time effort taken to control the temperature of the surroundings. This starts the history of air conditioning. * 1906 Stuart W. Cramer come out with the term "Air Conditioning." which was later adopted by Carrier. * 1913 The first international refrigeration expo is held in Chicago. * 1928 The discovery of Freon refrigerant by Thomas Midgley, Jr. * 1930 The White House is air-conditioned. * 1946 The demand for room air conditioners began to increase with more than 30,000 units produced on this year. * 1953 Room air conditioners sale exceed 1 million units. This is another key milestone in the history of air conditioner. * 1953 The Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association and The Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Machinery Association are formed. * 1957 The first rotary

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