Dexby In The Amateurs

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In the novel The Amateurs by Sara Shepard, one of the most important words are “Dexby” which is first found on page four. The word “Dexby” is found on multiple pages throughout the book. Dexby is a made-up city in Connecticut. It is important is because that is the main setting of the novel. That is also where the main characters─ Seneca Frazier, Aerin Kelly, Maddox Wright, and Brett Grady─ track the supposed killer of Helena Kelly. Also, “Dexby” is where they find out where Helena went after she left her home.“Dexby” is important because that is the main setting, where they realize the truth about Helena’s murder, and where the team finds out Helena went after she left.
The next important word, found on page 20, is “Morgenthau.” The annual

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