Devry Busn420 Full Course Latest 2015 August [ All Discussions All Assignment and Quiz 4,5 and 6 Only and No Final ]

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devry busn420 full course latest 2015 august [ all discussions all assignment and quiz 4,5 and 6 only and no final ]
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May I Call You? (graded)
Congress enacted a restriction on telemarketing, known as the National Do-Not-Call list, which made it illegal for telemarketers to place unsolicited commercial calls to consumers. A consumer may register up to three residential phone numbers for the list. The Act does not prohibit calls from political campaigns and others seeking support for political candidates, nor calls from certain charities seeking donations. The Act provides for significant financial penalties imposed by the Federal Communications Commission
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The party was held in the banquet room of a localhotel, owned by the Milton Hotel chain, and was catered by the hotel, including an open bar for all guests. Employees were also invited to bring a spouse or significant other. A good time was had by all, but too much fun was had by a few, including Larry Lush, and his wife, Linda. Larry and Linda had attended other company functions at which alcohol was served, and had a reputation for drinking a bit too much.
The company offered a free taxi ride home to any employee who had a bit too much to drink, but Larry and Linda declined the free cab ride, and attempted to drive home in their own car. En route, Larry, who was driving, struck another vehicle, injuring Veronica, the driver of that car. Larry has limited assets, and his insurance had just expired, as well as his driver's license. Veronica wants to sue Fun Products, Inc. and the Milton Hotel chain for her injuries, which include medical bills, lost wages, property repair costs (her car), and pain and suffering. She also wants to obtain a court order prohibiting Fun Products, Inc. from ever serving alcohol at a company function again.
Without trying to decide who will win if Veronica sues Fun Products, Inc. and the Milton Hotel chain, analyze the following. Who are the parties to this lawsuit, and what are they

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