Deviant Behavior In The Police

Throughout the first half of the semester we have discussed deviant behavior which links to urban decay and ultimately more crime in an area. However, we as a society have been trained to think that because you hear about crime in a specific city, that city is full of crime when that is not true. The fact of the matter is that only a small percent and area account for the bad news that we hear in the media. This is where offender-focused hot spots policing can play a big role. In offender-focused hot spot policing, police will focus a majority of their time focusing on small areas within the city with high crime rates (Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy 2013). We have learned in class that police are more reactive then proactive in the …show more content…
In order for them to protect their community when using offender focused hot spots policing, crime reduction needs to be a main goal for the police department. In order to do that departments need to focus their actions towards the places, times, and people who are causing the most harm to the public (Braga 2001). As mentioned above entire cities do not have the same crime levels in each neighborhood because it is only limited to specific areas within. This is important for hot spot policing’s goal of crime reduction because they can limit patrol to certain addresses and street blocks (Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy 2013). Along with that another important goal of hot spot policing is crime prevention because taking a proactive stance can go a long way in maintaining the crime reduction that was made in an area. Anthony Braga supports this when he stats (2001) “the ability of the police to prevent crime may have more to do with how well they are focused on specific crime risk factors then how well they randomly patrol large areas, and make large numbers of reactive arrests. The hope is that result of these two goals would be that when you have measures in place to prevent crimes early stages of deviancy and having a patrolling unit in the area more often crime would reduce. The empirical data below will go a long way in showing if successfully using those goals makes a successful

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