Developmental Stages Of An Infant 's Life Essay

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From the time infants are born through the first two years of life, the body and mind are constantly learning and changing. Every, single touch, sound, taste, smell and vision bring about opportunities to learn and adapt. New skills ignite as reflexes turn into learned movements, motor skills develop and cognition is increased. Newly found movements lead to courage and the desire to explore even more movement, sounds, thoughts, and abilities. The beginning of an infant’s life is one of the most important developmental stages of an entire lifetime.
Most infants, with the exception of preterm births, weigh-in between five and ten pounds; with males, typically weighing slightly more. They range in length from about eighteen to about twenty-two inches long; again, males tend to be the bigger of the two sexes at this time. Typically, by the time the infant is six months old it will have doubled its birth weight and length and then by two years old, will have nearly tripled its weight and height (Bukatko, 2008). About a month after birth, movements become less reflexive and more refined. Infants are able to raise their chin when in a belly down, prone position and turn their heads to acknowledge sound (CDC, 2014). A month or so later, they can raise their upper torso from the same position. Just a few months after that, very interesting changes take place; grasping an object and sitting with support begin to occur. By the eighth month, baby can roll over; sit up…

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